Many people recognize the need to discuss mental health issues.  Through her experiences in 1998, Penni had a starring role to not only the intense experience, but also to how a wide variety of people reacted and interacted with her during that time.

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  • 5 Things People Should Understand About a Major Breakdown
    These are the top 5 items that Penni wished more people, including mental health professionals, had known related to her type of experience.  Such knowledge could have definitely helped Penni through to a healthier place much sooner.
  • Why Language Matters:  A Thorn By Another Name Might Smell Sweeter
    There is often a quick effort to diagnose or label someone who is in a mental health crisis.  Too often, though, the language used adds trauma unnecessarily.  What kind of language can be helpful?
  • How to Fall Through the Cracks of the Mental Health System (Without Really Trying)
    We would all like to believe that the processes in place to help someone in crisis work correctly.  What happens, though, when basic, though critical, processes fail?  How do we address some of those cracks so that people who are already hurting are not traumatized further?